Where Eagles Dare is a novel by Alistair MacLean.


  • Major John Smith - A British Army major and undercover spy for MI6.
  • Wing Commander Cecil Carpenter - Pilot of the Lancaster bomber that flies Smith's team into Bavaria.
  • Lieutenant Morris Schaffer - An American Ranger lieutenant in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).
  • Colonel Wyatt-Turner - British Army colonel involved in MI6.
  • Vice-Admiral Rolland - Assistant Director of Naval Operations and head of MI6.
  • Lieutenant General George Carnaby - A top aide of Dwight D. Eisenhower and one of the chief coordinators of planning for the Second Front.
  • Edward Carraciola - An MI6 division head and member of Smith's team.
  • Olaf Christiansen - An MI6 division head and member of Smith's team.
  • Lee Thomas - An MI6 division head and member of Smith's team.
  • Torrance-Smythe - An MI6 division head and member of Smith's team. Nicknamed "Smithy."
  • Sergeant George Harrod - The radioman of Smith's team.
  • Mary Ellison - A top MI6 operative and lover of Smith.
  • Reichsmarschall Julius Rosemeyer - The Wehrmacht Chief of Staff.
  • Ethel - A British undercover agent who poses as a barmaid named "Heidi" in Zum Wilden Hirsch. Pretends to be Mary's cousin.
  • Josef Wartmann - Owner of Zum Wilden Hirsch.
  • Captain von Brauchitsch - A Gestapo officer.
  • Jaeger Captain - A young officer who has a confrontation with Smith over Smith's behavior in Zum Wilden Hirsch.
  • Colonel Weissner - German Heer officer who captures Smith and Schaffer in Zum Wilden Hirsch.
  • Anne-Marie - Kramer's secretary and head of the Schloss Adler's female staff.
  • Colonel Paul Kramer - Deputy Chief of German Intelligence.
  • Helicopter Pilot - The pilot of Rosemeyer's helicopter.
  • Cartwright Jones - An American actor.
  • Sergeant Hartmann - A guard in the Schloss Adler.
  • Colonel Wilhelm Wilner - Field Marshal Kesselring's chief of staff in Italy.
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