Doctor Waldman was a professor of anatomical studies at Goldstadt Medical College, Dr. Waldman had been a favorite teacher of Henry Frankenstein during the aspiring young surgeon's time as a student there. Although Waldman had much respect for Henry's brilliance, he be increasingly disturbed when Henry began demanding fresh bodies for his experiments in chemical galvanism and electro-biology... bodies that were not those of cats and dogs, but humans.

Deciding that Henry had crossed the line and gone insane, Waldman spoke to the governing board of the college and had the young man kicked off campus. Deciding he'd done his part, the elderly professor thought no more about it and went back to teaching his classes as usual. Henry's fiancee Elizabeth and best friend Victor Moritz came to the college with the news that Henry was spending all his time at his secluded mountain laboratory.

fter telling them the story of Henry's ejection from the school, he agreed to accompany them to Henry's lab to talk some sense into him. Instead, the three bore witness to Henry Frankenstein's crowning achievement: the creation of the Frankenstein Monster he'd built from parts of dead bodies sewn together, plus a brain that Henry's assistant Fritz had stolen from Waldman's classroom. Waldman tried to tell Henry that the monster had a defective brain and was dangerous, but this fact only sunk in when the monster killed Fritz.

Suffering a nervous breakdown, Henry was taken home by Elizabeth, Victor and Henry's father Baron Alphonse Frankenstein. Waldman remained at the laboratory for the purposes of destroying the monster by dissection. Although he had the creature sedated, the monster built up an immunity to the sedatives and awoke before Waldman could begin. Seizing Waldman by the throat, he proceeded to strangle the old man to death.

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