The War of the Worlds is a novel by H.G. Wells.


  • Narrator - A writer living in Woking.
  • Wife - The wife of the narrator.
  • Ogilvy - An astronomer living in Woking, a friend of the narrator.
  • Henderson - Ogilvy's next door neighbor, a reporter.
  • Stent - The Astronomer Royal.
  • Cousin - The narrator's cousin who lives in Leatherhead, to whom he sends his wife.
  • Landlord - Owner of the Spotted Dog, an inn in Woking.
  • Artilleryman - An artilleryman who befriends the narrator in Woking.
  • Curate - The curate of a church near Weybridge who accompanies the narrator.
  • Brother - The brother of the narrator, a medical student in London. Escapes to France.
  • Mrs. Elphinstone - The wife of Dr. Elphinstone who travels with the narrator's brother and escapes to France with him.
  • Ms. Elphinstone - Dr. Elphinstone's sister and Mrs. Elphinstone's sister-in-law, who also goes with the narrator's brother and leaves for France.
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