Paul Ames was the nephew of Sir Thomas Forsythe and grandson of Lady Alice Forsythe as well as a dear childhood friend of Lisa Glendon. Paul Ames grew up in England but moved to America, where he became a pilot and founded his own flying school in California after achieving the rank of captain.

He returned to England a proud and accomplished man shortly after Lisa's husband Dr. Wilfred Glendon also came back from Tibet. Accompanying Lady Forsythe to a chartiy ball being hosted by Lisa at the Glendon household, Paul had a very joyful reunion with his childhood friend and was instantly at odds with her jealous husband.

When a young woman was found dead, mangled as though by some savage creature, Paul, who had actually encountered a werewolf during a stopover in Yucatan, put forth his theory to Sir Thomas that the killer was a werewolf. Needless to say, Scotland Yard didn't exactly believe him at first, but not only was Paul eventually proven right thanks to mounting evidence, he was also the one who discovered that the werewolf was Glendon.

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