Burgomaster Hussman was of the three men responsible for Dr. Gustav Niemann's incarceration in Neustadt Prison. By the time Niemann escaped from the prison, Hussman had gone on to become burgomaster of the town of Reigelberg where he lived with his grandson, Karl Hussman, and Karl's wife, Rita Hussman. He was Niemann's first target of revenge after the mad scientist learned from Professor Lampini his whereabouts. Niemann, posing as Lampini, came to Reigelberg to exhibit the late Professor's Chamber of Horrors at the local fair (and Hussman, who knew what Lampini looked like, was told by Niemann that he was in fact Lampini's brother).

Heading home from the fair, the Burgomaster and his family happened upon a gentleman named Baron Latos who offered them a ride in his carriage. Unknown to the Hussmans, Baron Latos was actually the infamous Count Dracula. At the Hussman residence, the Burgomaster remembered Niemann's face, and was able to put a name to that face, and was just about to telephone Inspector Arnz when Dracula, who had been sent by Niemann, appeared. The Burgomaster was put to sleep by the vampire's hypnotic gaze, and Dracula turned into a bat and proceeded to drink Hussman's blood, killing him.

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