Ettie Coombes was the aunt of Dr. Wilfred Glendon, likely on his wife Lisa's side of the family. A wealthy socialite, Aunt Ettie is the one who organized the charity ball that was held at Glendon Manor to raise money for the botanical gardens, much to the annoyance of her workaholic nephew, who would've rather spent all his free time in his at-home laboratory working with his plants.

It was at this party that Aunt Ettie met the mysterious and handsome Dr. Yogami. She immediately invited him, along with Lisa Glendon and Paul Ames, to attend another party she was holding the following night. Yogami initially turned her offer down, citing that he was busy, but the overbearing and determined Aunt Ettie practically dragged the poor botanist to the get-together. And much to Yogami's admirably reserved consternation, Aunt Ettie never once got his name right. She called him everything from "Dr. Yogama" to "Dr. Yokohama."

She and Yogami retired from the rest of the patygoers to stand on her balcony, so that she could show the botanist the wonderful view of the Thames. It was then that they heard an unearthly howling coming from nearby. Yogami rather cryptically suggested it was "a lost soul, perhaps." Aunt Ettie, who'd had a little too much to drink, began to become frightened. After she and Yogami went back inside at her insistence, Lisa and Paul suggested she head on to bed. She did so, and let them take her upstairs. Thinking the fresh air would do her good, Paul opened the window, little knowing that the werewolf Dr. Glendon was lurking around outside.

Driven by an unholy lust for blood, Glendon climbed through the window and prepared to murder his own aunt. Luckily, Aunt Ettie awoke before he could lay a hand on her, and her screams brought all the other partygoers running from downstairs. Glendon, a much more intelligent beast than the average werewolf, quickly beat a hasty retreat.

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