Baron Alphonse Frankenstein was the oldest known member of the Frankenstein family and the father of Henry Frankenstein, as well as the patriarch of the town of Goldstadt. The elderly baron was extremely disdainful of his son spending all his time working in his secluded laboratory, and his one wish was for Henry to finally marry his fiancee Elizabeth. It is unknown if the Baron lived to actually see Henry and Elizabeth married, but it is known that the old man died shortly after the first appearance of the Frankenstein monster and the Frankenstein estate went to Henry, who became the new baron. The old Baron's body was interred in the Frankenstein family crypt.


  • The Baron's first name isn't mentioned in Frankenstein, however his first name was Alphonse in Mary Shelley's original novel, so this wiki accepts it as the closest thing to a canonical name Henry's father has.
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